Preliminary injunction denied

American Commerce Ins. Co. v Francois, 2015 NY Slip Op 01594 (2d Dept. 2015)
Okay Oleg and Damin.  Good job.  Are you happy?  You (Oleg) claim that I never praise you when you win, so here you go.
“The plaintiff sought to temporarily restrain and preliminarily enjoin all no-fault actions ar

Ime cut off succeeds

V.S. Care Acupuncture PC v MVAIC, 2015 NY Slip Op 50350(U)(App. Term 1st Dept. 2015)
Defendant MVAIC made a prima facie showing of entitlement to judgment as a matter of law by demonstrating that it timely denied plaintiff’s first-party no-fault claims based on a sworn independent medical exa

Consolidated Attorney fee

EMA Acupuncture P.C. v Allstate Ins. Co., 2015 NY Slip Op 50348(U)(App. Term 1st Dept. 2015)
Good job James F. Sullivan and crew.
We sustain so much of the order under review as limited the amount of any recovery of attorneys’ fees to the sum of $850, the maximum allowable pursuant to Insuran

No-Show. Was it timely?

Acupuncture Solutions, P.C. v Lumbermans Mut. Cas. Co., 2015 NY Slip Op 50346(U)(App. Term 1st Dept. 2015)
“The defendant-insurer made a prima facie showing of entitlement to summary judgment dismissing the action for first-party no-fault benefits by establishing that it timely and properly m

Think your insured is not on the up and up? Well, don’t cash their premium check after you cancel their policy

Sensational Serv., Inc. v American Tr. Ins. Co., 2015 NY Slip Op 30343(U)
Short term monetary gain ($166,505.79) or long term common sense?  Read.

Interesting discussion as to causation

Campbell v Fischetti, 2015 NY Slip Op 01898 (1st Dept. 2015)
“Furthermore, an X ray taken on the accident date revealed that plaintiff had sustained only a contusion, and had chronic degenerative changes with severe medial joint space narrowing.
In opposition, plaintiff failed to raise a tria

Misrepresentation based upon failure to serve last known address

Li Xian v Tat Lee Supplies Co., Inc., 2015 NY Slip Op 01751 (1st Dept. 2015)
“Vacatur was also warranted pursuant to CPLR 5015(a)(3), since the default judgment was obtained through misrepresentation or misconduct. Defendant demonstrated that plaintiffs’ motion for a default judgment wa

Why follow the law?

HSBC Bank USA, N.A. v Simmons, 2015 NY Slip Op 01609 (2d Dept. 2015)
“Since Justice Arthur Schack continues to ignore this Court’s precedent, as articulated in Wells Fargo Bank Minn., N.A. v Mastropaolo (42 AD3d 239), holding that the defense of lack of standing is waived if not raised b

What happened here?

Carlin v Hereford Ins. Co., 2015 NY Slip Op 01601 (2d Dept. 2015)

(1) The defendant’s contention that, in light of the nature of the underlying accident, the plaintiff was not a covered person under the no-fault provisions of the subject automobile insurance policy is not properly before this

Standing not expressly pleaded

Bank of Am., N.A. v Paulsen, 2015 NY Slip Op 01597 (2d Dept. 2015)
“Here, contrary to the conclusion reached by the Supreme Court, the appellant did not waive the issue of standing. Although the appellant’s answer did not raise standing as a separate defense, a fair reading of his answer